I Never Thought I’d Be Saying This…

I’ve finally decided that I can confidently say:  “I speak Spanish” instead of “I’m learning Spanish”.

And this is a pretty big declaration after 17 years of ‘learning‘ the language

Find out what happened that helped me to recognize what speaking ‘fluency’ means to me and why I’m finally ready to accept that I’ve reached my goal.


Is Reaching English Fluency Your Goal too?

If reaching English fluency is your goal, you aren’t alone. Millions of language learners around the world have the desire to speak a second language as if it was their native tongue.

When I hear the word ‘fluency’, it has this feeling of ‘perfection’ where you can speak quickly and flawlessly. Which is a bit ironic because even native speakers make errors, take time think and forget specific words.

This is why the goal of speaking ‘fluency’ is a kind of fuzzy, unclear goal for most students… including me.

In the video above, I’ll explain exactly what happened that made me realize that I had already reached my goal without recognizing it!

Speak English with Confidence and Better Fluency!