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Yes, you can improve English pronunciation and your accent while building up your confidence!

It all starts with the right mindset, a simple plan, and the right perspective about what your focus should be.

Sounding just like a native speaker, including having a native-like accent, is a common goal that English learners strive to achieve.

Unfortuantely, this goal has left thousands of ambitious English learners struggling with low confidence and feeling like a failure.

In this interview, you will learn the importance of having the right mindset while you are working hard to improve your English skills. Whether your focus is  your accent, pronunciation, or speaking fluency, protecting and building your confidence should be a top priority. 

Improve Pronunciation & Learning Mindset

by Interview: Amy Whitney & Hadar Shemesh

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Top Advice from this Podcast Interview

Hadar Shemesh, an English Pronunciation Coach, joins Amy Whitney to address a confidence issues that come from having specific goals related to trying to ‘sound like a native speaker’.

  • Focusing too much on your pronunciation can be detrimental to your fluency
  • The goal to improve your accent is to deliver you message clearly, not to eliminate your accent
  • How the obsession with your accent is harmful to your confidence
  • Setting goals that are attainable
  • Be intentional about what you study
  • If you are short on time, learn how to apply the 80/20 rule
  • Repetition, deep learning, and always focusing on quality
  • A break down of the different ways to improve your pronuncation

More About Hadar Shemesh

Hadar is a non-native speaker from Isreal who has become an English Pronunciation Coach. Now helps other non-native speakers of English find clarity and fluency with joy. 

She runs a thriving community of English learners with nearly 350,000 subscribers on the Accent’s Way YouTube channel and she hosts the In-Fluency Podcast. Hadar and her team have helped thousands of students in her membership program, online courses, and local school in Tel Aviv.

Learn more about Hadar and what she is doing on her website!

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