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I have been lucky enough to be invited on a podcast radio show to share my experiences learning a foreign language. As many of you know, I am learning Spanish and I was inspired to start this blog to share challenges and obstacles that language learners have.  This blog is where I write about my ideas to help motivate you to continue learning a language and share some personal frustrations so that you know, you are not alone with those feelings. Please follow this blog but entering your email address on the right-hand side of the page you haven’t already; It is for anyone learning a language, not just for people learning English.

A few months ago I was looking for motivation to continue learning Spanish and I found an excellent podcast at Andrew Barr is not only teaching Spanish on his podcast but he also spends half of the time talking about motivational topics related to learning a language. I have found his podcasts to be extremely helpful and I have supported his podcast since I discovered it in October last year.

Andrew invited me to share my story about learning languages, discuss some challenges I have had and to give some advice to other people who are learning a language. You can listen to the interview here:

Audio Blog Learn English


Overall, I really enjoyed this interview and I thought that it was really cool to talk to someone who I look up to for inspiration to continue learning a language.  Andrew is really interesting and had a lot of great advice that he shared with me over the phone call after the interview. I hope that other people can relate to some of the challenges that I am encountering while learning a language and realize they are not alone with feelings such as being terrified or embarrassed to speak, not understanding anything that you hear from a native speaker or being confused about some grammar things. I still struggle with being confident while speaking in a foreign language; although, I have an exciting progress update!

Right after the interview with Andrew, I started speaking with my friend Adrian from Mexico. He decided that he wanted to dedicate the entire call to speaking in Spanish because I had been helping him a lot with English recently. And… I had a completely Spanish conversation for one hour and 15 minutes! After about 20 minutes of talking my typical nervous feeling went away and had some really great fluidity with my speaking.

I have just reached my big goal of being able to have a conversation for more than 30 minutes in a foreign language! But really, I more than exceeded that goal by talking for 75 minutes! A big thank-you to Adrian for dedicating that call to my progress and to Andrew for inspiring me from his interview.

Thanks for listening. Please tell me what you think about the interview or what you think about my latest accomplishment by leaving a comment below!