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Finding the Best Websites to Learn English Online

Do you spend a lot of time searching for new websites or resources to learn English online?

With thousands of websites, it takes a lot of time to find even one website that you’d like to come back to…

A few weeks ago, I started searching for some of the coolest apps, websites, podcasts, and video series that English learners and ESL teachers should know about to make learning fun, interactive and effective. Some of these websites completely blew my mind! I had no idea they existed and I am really excited to share them with you.

Quick Links to Find What You Want

To make sure you find the best websites for your learning style and interests, I’ve created this list of quick links to help you find exactly what you are looking for quickly.

Learn English with Music, Videos, and Apps

Make learning fun to stay motivated and look forward to your study sessions! These websites use music, videos and television style series to teach you vocabulary, grammar, how to improve your listening skills and even your pronunciation in an interactive way.

isl collective


Interactive English Learning Activities with Videos

Keep learning fun and interactive with the videos on the iSLCollective website. Students can find different videos with English learning activities that have been created by other teachers.  The website has 1000’s of videos for language learners of every level to improve your listening, vocabulary, grammar and speaking skills. Visit the iSL Collective website, select your level and start learning.

For Teachers:  This is a seriously amazing tool if you haven’t checked it out! Use the iSLCollective video quiz maker (a free web-based tool) that allows teachers to create your own interactive video quizzes around YouTube and Vimeo videos. The interactivity and gamification adds playfulness with various play modes (e.g. the classic Casino game where you bet on the right answer) and features like the tapping game where students tap on objects seen in the paused video screen. Create your own account and learn how to create your own video quizzes less than 5 minutes! Register your free account and get started!

Try this video lesson we created: 

lyrics training logo e1510345409114


Using Music and Videos to Learn Languages

If you enjoy music, you are going LOVE LyricsTraining! There are thousands of available songs of different genres that will help you to improve your listening skills and also practice speaking by singing along to your favorite songs. Great for those studying independently and also a fantastic resource for teachers to have fun learning in the classroom. LyricsTraining has really made the lessons feel like you are playing a game by allowing you to earn points, compete with others. Visit their website here or download their new app!

fluency mc

Fluency MC

Making English Practice Fun with Songs

Practice speaking and have fun with songs and videos with Fluency MC. Learn English grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary that’s easier to use and remember in fun lessons that help you to speak with more confidence and fluency in every situation. Try a Weekly English Workout Lesson with Fluency MC. 
youglish logo


Listening and Pronunciation in Context

Now you can search for a specific word or phrase and hear it being used in context in a YouTube video! Youglish is able to search the subtitles for more than 20 million videos to find the exact moment in the video where that exact word or phrase is used in dozens of different videos. YouGlish gives you fast, unbiased answers about how English is spoken by real people and in context. Try searching for a word now from the YouGlish homepage.

Learning English Online with these Excellent Resources

Learn with podcasts, excellent online courses, and lessons, advice to reach fluency and improve your listening skills These websites with lessons that can be used by students who are studying independently and also teachers that are looking for new materials to use with their students.

Horizontal Logo Image white e1511098834129

Real English Conversations

Communicate Confidently with Real People in the Real World

Helping students to learn how to speak more fluently and understand what they hear using efficient learning methods. Check out our podcast here!

english class 101 logo

English Class 101

English Learning App & Website for All Levels

Learn English with fun, interesting and culturally relevant lessons that are easy to listen to and fun to learn from. English Class 101 has podcast audio lessons, word lists, speaking practice activities and flashcard tools to learn new vocabulary fast. Create your free account and get access to new lessons every week.

to fluency logo 2

To Fluency with Jack Askew

Improve Your English Speaking & Fluency

To Fluency focuses on helping learners improve their speaking from anywhere in the world using our simple yet effective self-study method. However, just knowing how to use this method isn’t enough. That is why we wrote the 5 Step Plan for English Fluency. This book, which is free to download, gives you a strategy that you can implement straight away ensuring that you consistently make fast progress with your English.

all ears english logo

All Ears English

Podcasts & IELTS Preparation

At All Ears English, we believe in Connection NOT Perfection. Showing you how to break out of the “perfection” mentality and finally have fun learning English. Check out an episode and find out why 20,000+ daily listeners love the All Ears English Podcast here.

IELTS logo all earsPreparing for an IELTS exam? All Ears English also has the IELTS Energy podcast and a special section of their website dedicated to showing you the smartest and easiest way to achieve a 7+ or higher score on the IELTS Exam. Jessica Beck is the top expert in the IELTS world with more than 12 years of experience as an IELTS professional. Join our Free Insider Masterclass and learn how to avoid all common IELTS failures.

real life global logo

RealLife English

Don’t Just Learn English, Live It!

RealLife English believes that learning English should never be a dry and boring school subject, but instead, a life-changing adventure where you don’t just learn it, you live it. A really great website with an entertaining podcast, great videos and a strong community of learners to connect you with other people to a world beyond borders. Try this lesson that has 14 Hilarious TV Series Lessons to Catalyze Your Fluency from some of their best lessons to “Learn English with TV videos with clips from FriendsBig Bang TheoryHow I Met Your MotherTwo and a Half Men, and Seinfeld (PDF included!)
Leo Listening logo

Leo Listening

Watch Your Favorite Films and Shows without Subtitles

Cara Leopold has been helping bookworms and vocab nerds break free from subtitles. If you’re stuck reading the subtitles in this golden age for TV, then you are missing out on the action. Leo Listening will help you get subtitle-free so you can stop “reading” your favorite shows. Learn the 15-minute system to understand what you hear without needing subtitles in this free video lesson

English Lessons with Teachers

An important part of improving your English skills is to be able to communicate with a real person in English. Whether you are just trying to improve your conversational skills or you are looking for very specific advice to fine-tune your English communication for professional reasons, the right teacher for you is waiting to be discovered in the list below.

IELTS Red Logo


Achieve 7+ in the IELTS Test

Get feedback and tips from professional IELTS teachers. Video lessons by ex-IELTS examiners are regularly hosted on the website to enable you to achieve a band 7 or more. Free articles and tips are also regularly published in the blog. Start your IELTS preparation and achieve 7+ in the IELTS test.

Justlearn 1

Just Learn

Online Lessons with Native Speakers

Justlearn is an online platform that connects English learners with native tutors to offer them a unique language learning experience. With their experienced tutors, you won’t have to stress about possible mistakes or not understanding the tricky grammar. They are experts in their jobs and their main goal is to help you get better, feel confident and boost your language skills. Book your trial lesson today.

ola online language academy logo

OLA – Online Learning Academy

Online Conversation Classes for Professionals

OLA helps you reach a high level of confidence and fluency in spoken English for professional reasons. Through 1-to-1 English Conversation Classes via Skype with qualified, native English teachers. If you feel embarrassed when you speak, have problems understanding native speakers, or feel stuck when you’re trying to express yourself, their highly effective classes will help you soon become an advanced speaker! Download their free e-book called:  English Quick Fix: 16 Steps to Fix Your Broken English

eloquent languages logo e1511133672894

Eloquent Language

Language and Communication Specialists

For those of you who already speak English relatively well, but are looking for an approach to refine and polish your skills and speak in a more persuasive and confident manner while bringing awareness to some of the nuances of the English language as well as enhance your non-verbal communication such as body language and tone when making presentations. Learn  how Eloquent Language can help you deliver your message effectively and correctly.

Love to Learn English logo

Love to Learn English

English Classes via Skype

Helping students to achieve a high score on their IELTS or TOEFL exams with different English courses and helpful blog articles. Learn how to connect your thoughts easily while you speak with the most important transitional phrases for different situations. These phrases will help you create powerful links between your ideas in your speaking and your writing to speaking. Read it here: 86 Transition Words for a Better Speaking Score on IELTS and TOEFL

SpeechRevision Logo

Speech Revision

Speaking Evaluation, Feedback, and Corrections

An excellent resource for students to practice speaking when it is convenient for them while getting the feedback and corrections they need to make faster progress. Speech Revision can help you improve more than just grammar and vocabulary; improve pronunciation, structures and, even exam techniques. Find speaking practice activities for all levels about many different topics on the Speech Revision website.

angloville logo


English Immersion Experience

Imagine staying in a little “English village”, speaking English with locals from Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Romania during a fun-packed language camp that will help them overcome their language barriers. If you enjoy meeting new people, learning about their lives and sharing some of your own stories and adventures whilst simultaneously breaking language barriers – that is what Angloville is all about! Learn more about Angloville and their upcoming events that you can join.

LinkedIn Logo

Taiwanda Bason 

The Border Breaking Specialist

For those who are ready to take action and make their biggest dreams turn into reality to live or travel abroad (helping students and teachers). Not only will Taiwanda help you gain confidence with your English communication, she will support you, inspire you and give you the motivation you need to make big changes. Taiwanda offers a free consultation lesson to have the opportunity to discuss your goals and to learn how she can help you achieve them.

Daria logo e1510700349233

Stordar with Daria Storozhilova

Learn Efficiently and Effectively with Daria

Daria Storozhilova has been helping her students find their path to success in English without too much time or money spent. Her experience teaching English for more than 15 years has helped her develop online learning materials that give you a vision of how to learn English most effectively. Check out this awesome article about Irregular English Verbs the Clever Way to learn more about her teaching style and how she can help you with her courses and lessons.

Resources for Teachers

Find lesson plans, tips for teachers and even ways that you start your own business as an independent teacher. In case you jumped straight to this section, note that these resources are also websites to check out to use with your students in classes:

See List of Resources for Teachers and Students
teaching ESL online logo e1510704313246

Teaching ESL Online

Helping Teachers Get Started & Succeed Online

Jack Askew from To Fluency ( has put together a website to share his experience and top tips. Advice that is helping teachers find their own private students to start teaching online and finally take control over their teaching and income. Join this free Video Training Mini-Course that gives you an overview of how other teachers are doing this and how you can do it too!

angloville logo

Angloville for Teachers

English Immersion, TEFL Training & Scholarships

Bringing together teachers and learners in a little “English village” during a fun-packed language camp. Offering a unique experience of teaching abroad in beautiful countryside venues (free accommodation & full board) and partly sponsored AngloTEFL scholarships to enrich your résumé. Learn more about Angloville and their TEFL training and scholarship opportunities.

jooble logo


Find 100’s of Online Teaching Jobs Across the World

Jooble is the second most visited job search site with 90 million visits per month on average. As you can imagine, hundreds of job listings for Online English teachers are waiting to be found by you. See which job opportunities are waiting for you here with the search: Online English Tutor Jobs Here


Online English Teaching Jobs

A helpful website for anyone seeking a job teaching English online. It provides a list of jobs for native teachers and one for non-native teachers as well. Beyond that, you will find articles and resources focused on how to improve your chances of getting a better, high paying job. Check out the latest ESL Teacher Job Listings on!