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Learn English vocabulary faster with this great episode to get some language learning advice! Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to learn and remember new vocabulary? In this English podcast lesson, Amy and Curtis will explain how building vocabulary can be easier if you apply a few simple strategies.


English Podcast – Learn English Vocabulary Faster


Audio Transcription:

Curtis:  Hi, everybody. It’s Curtis and Amy from RealEnglishConversations.com. Today we’re going to be talking about building vocabulary and one critical step that you might be missing that could be making this much more difficult for you.

Amy:  Exactly. A lot of the students, what they do is they have a list of words, for example, maybe use flash cards, but there’s something that’s missing. Even though you’re reviewing those words every single day in that moment when you’re speaking. For example, or you’re trying to remember a word and you know that you’re supposed to know it but you can’t recall it. This is the critical step and what we’re going to be helping you with today.

Curtis:  Okay. Let’s get right into the core concept behind this technique. It’s really to give yourself enough exposure to the language through repetition or use to help you to understand it through that context and remember it easier.

Amy:  And when Curtis is explaining this, he’s not talking about exposure like immigrating to an English-speaking country or just watching TV shows, for example, or listening to podcasts. There’s actually a little bit more to this and it’s being more specific with a deeper studying or revision of the content that you’re being exposed to.

So we’re going to start by giving you some pro tips here. And don’t worry.  We’re going to give some examples of different activities that we do and point out how each of these activities relates back to this technique. So what’s the first pro tip that you have, Curtis?

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