Learn everyday English with Stories

Learn everyday English with stories that use two very common phrasal verbs: Carry On and Wander Around. The audio is going to help you make learning these phrasal verbs very easy!

  • Phrasal Verb: Carry On – to continue somewhere, usually after stopping on a trip
  • Phrasal Verb: Wander Around – to walk, drive or travel around an area without a specific destination


Learn Everyday English with Stories

When you understand what is happening in a particular situation, your brain will automatically connect the meaning the the new vocabulary (or a phrasal verb in this case).  Hearing phrasal verbs being used in authentic communication are easier to learn and remember. The audio used to create this lesson is based on an English story we told from one of our scaries moments ever (English conversation episode).

To get the most benefit from this lesson, we recommend using the transcription from this podcast audio to help you dig deeper into the meaning, examples and vocabulary that we used.

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