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Learn everyday English with stories that use two very common phrasal verbs: Carry On and Wander Around. The audio is going to help you make learning these phrasal verbs very easy!

  • Phrasal Verb: Carry On – to continue somewhere, usually after stopping on a trip
  • Phrasal Verb: Wander Around – to walk, drive or travel around an area without a specific destination

Do you find it difficult to use phrasal verbs in your speaking?
Or struggle to understand what they mean when you hear them? 

Phrasal verbs are challenging but with the right approach, they can be fun to use and help you to express your English in a more natural way. 

We can help you to start using phrasal verbs *confidently* in your English in these two ways: 

Learn with one of our expert teachers: Your teacher can help you learn, practice, and use phrasal verbs at the same time that you improve your speaking, listening, and vocabulary skills.

Phrasal Verb Course: 260 audio lessons and 25 phrasal verbs stories will help you learn and understand how to use the common phrasal verbs.