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3-Month Premium Fluency Program with

English Fluency Language Coaching with Amy!

🗸 Get on the Fastest Track to English Fluency with Guided Help

🗸 Solve YOUR Biggest Obstacles with Learning English and Reaching Fluency Faster

🗸 Guaranteed to See Results in the Next 90-Days!

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Guaranteed to See Results within 90 Days!

It’s Time to Become the Confident Communicator

You’ve Always Wanted to Be

Stop wasting your time trying to guess and ‘figure out’ how to reach Fluency on your own!

Working with me, you will get the specific activities and advice that you need to be doing to break through your biggest obstacles and significantly improve your skills in the shortest time possible.

This program is the ‘road map’ to fluency you have been looking for with an experienced guide that knows that fastest ways to get you from where you are now to where you want to be!

Hello. I’m from Mexico. What I do like most about Real English Conversations is their speaking exercises because they help me to improve my English and pronunciation. And also, the most important thing, they help me to think in English

~ Nisey G. Now living in the USA



✨This Special Offer Includes✨

An English Fluency Language Coaching Session Every Month!

Work with Amy each month to identify and start solving your biggest challenges with your English!

This is the FASTEST way to make incredible progress with your English without wasting any time.

This is a bonus with a $90 value!

Guided Learning with Clear Steps to Follow

You will leave the session with a specific task that you need to complete to move you forward with a clear focus!

Learn with an Experienced Fluency Expert

After teaching 4000+ lessons with hundreds of students, Amy has helped hundreds of students to…

  • Lose the fear of speaking in English with other people
  • Stop translating everything before speaking
  • Understanding movies without subtitles
  • Speak in detail using a wide range of vocabulary
  • Start conversations and to keep them going
  • Finally feel comfortable and confident speaking in English at work 

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Guaranteed to See Results within 90 Days!

You Also Get 3 Months Access to:


Premium Online Fluency Courses

Theses lessons will be a key part of our learning progress to help you:

  • Increase your speaking fluency
  • Sharpen your listening skills
  • Help you to communicate clearly with more detail
  • Sound more natural when you speak

Student Level Evaluation

We will find out exactly which courses you should start with based on your current level and skills you want to develop


Ask Questions & Get Answers

If you don’t understand something or you need an extra example, you can ask us:

  • In the comment area of every lesson
  • In your lessons with your teacher
  • In the member-only group 

Corrections & Suggestions to Sound Natural

Post your answer to a activities to get valuable feedback from our teachers to learn and improve your answers!

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Guaranteed to See Results within 90 Days!

Create Your Own Learning Experience! 

Every student prefers a different way of learning. With lesson credits, you can choose the type of support you want to include in your program!

Get $360 to Schedule Lessons with your Teachers!

Schedule one-to-one lessons with one of our expert teachers!

This allows you to get the exact help that you need at the time when you need it.

Your Credits are Valid for 6 Months!

When your program ends, you will have and additional 90-days to schedule lessons with your teacher to make sure you have time to schedule all of your lessons. 


Conversation Practice Lessons

Practice your spontaneous speaking with a native speaker!

Submit Voice Messages or Written Answers

Privately send voice messages to a teacher for review and detailed feedback.

Private Lesson with a Teacher

Ideal for help with pronunciation, role playing, practicing speaking fluency, getting immediate corrections and feedback.

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Guaranteed to See Results within 90 Days!

And So Much More!!!

If you still need even more reasons to join our program, here are a few other benefits that are worth mentioning: 

Stay On Track Program

Set study goals and your focus for the month. We will check in to make sure that you are on track. If you are stuck, unmotivated, or frustrated, we are here to help get you back on track fast!

Join Member-Only Events

  • Conversation practice sessions with an teacher and other members of our community
  • REC Member Cafe Meetups
  • Special Training Events

Daily Speaking Activities

Upload your answer as a voice message when we post an activity. A teacher will listen to your answer, give feedback, tips, and suggestions. 

Get the Newest Podcast Lesson

Always have access to the transcript and Mp3 download for the most recent podcast!

See the Price and Signup Here

Guaranteed to See Results within 90 Days!

Hello. I am from Bolivia. Real English Conversations has helped me to better understand Real English. I love the structure of the online materials. You can download any recording and it’s transcription. That has helped me a lot because I have been able to learn new phrases and expressions which now I use more confidently while speaking English.

~ Andres from Boliva


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Language Coaching?

Learning a language is complicated! Especially if you have never done it before. It’s very easy to get lost, lose a lot of time, and feel like your progress is slow.

Let’s look at a familiar example:

Why would you hire a personal trainer to lose weight? Because you want to reach a specific goal faster. By using the experience of someone that knows exactly what type of exercise program you need to be doing, you will see faster results.

With language coaching, we will identify the specific skill you want to improve OR look at some obstacles that are stopping your from improving your English.

Then, you will receive a specific activity or ‘plan’ that I feel will teach you a more effective way of practicing/studying to improve a skill or overcome a feeling/fear.

Additionally, you will be learning how to find the best ways for YOU to develop your skills and practice. Each person is different and we need to try different things in order to find the perfect method that works for you. I will help guide you find these methods so that you can more confidently navigate toward fluency.

I will teach you HOW to learn a language and how to think about solving problems that you face. The lessons we have together will benefit you and be extremely useful for your journey from advanced to fluency!

How long are the Language Coaching Sessions

Each session is 30-minutes long so we need to focus on one specific challenge or problem.

Because the types of ‘problems’ or ‘obstacles’ are so different from student to student, the type of activity or recommendation will depend on you. However, you will leave the session with clear instructions about what you need to work on OR some activities that I recommend you complete which will help you to make progress with a specific skill. 



What are "Lesson Credits" & Do they Expire?

Lesson Credits are like a gift certificate that we give you each month with a balance ($360) which you can use to schedule lessons with a teacher (without having to pay). 

You can schedule these services: 

  • Conversation Practice Lessons with a teacher
  • Private one-to-one lessons (customized to your specific needs and goals)
  • Submit voice messages or written answers for detailed feedback

Do my lesson credits expire if I don’t use them by the end of my program?

When your program ends, you will have 90-days to use any remaining lesson credits.

How Much Time Do I Need Each Week for this Program?

Good Question! I know it seems like there are a lot of things available in this program and it can seem like you will not have enough time. 

Most of our students dedicate 3-5 hours a week to work on their English, some study 6-10 hours, and very few study more than 10 hours a week.

Here is an example of how you might use your time if you study 5.5 hours per week: 

Monday (1 hour): Language Coaching Session with Amy and complete 2 activities from the online courses.

Tuesday (1 hour): Continue working on the next 2 activites in the courses and upload a voice message for the daily activity.

Wednesday (1 hour): Work on the activity that Amy assigned me in the coaching session, then do 1 activity from the course. 

Thursday (1 hour): Prepare for my conversation practice lesson, then do the lesson for 30-mins. 

Friday (30 mins): Continue with the online courses completing one more activity. Upload a voice message and listen to for the corrections from the teacher. 

Saturday (1 hour): Join the Member-Only Speaking Practice Session then finish the activity Amy gave me. Book my next coaching session. 

Sunday: Relax!

What is your Schedule Like?

I have students from all around the world that take lessons with me. 

In my time zone (Mexico City -6 GMT), I have lesson times available during these hours each week:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday: 9:00am-6:00pm
  • Tuesday and Thursday: 12:00pm-8:00pm

If you live in North or South America, you should have no problem finding a time in my schedule.

In Europe, you will have to have lessons in the late afternoon or evening.

For Asia, the lessons will be in the early morning or late at night.

How can I test my level so I know where to start?

You do not have to worry about finding your level. Everyone that joins our program has a Student Level Evaluation. 

Starting at the right level is important and we want to make sure you focus on the right courses.


Level Descriptions of the courses: 

  • Brave Beginner: You already know the basics of English grammar and some vocabulary. If you can read this page and understand it okay, your English level is high enough to do the lessons.
  • You want to start practicing your speaking skills to build the vocabulary, listening and ‘thinking’ skills you need to feel comfortable having easy conversations. 

  • Inspired Intermediate: You want to improve your speaking and listening for better conversations. Right now, you can communicate but you feel like everything you say is ‘simple’. You can understand enough to reply to someone but you want to have stronger listening skills.
  • At this time, you need to practice speaking a lot, do intense listening training, and build your vocabulary to be able to express yourself well. 

  • Confident Communicator (C1 advanced): You can communicate in English but you feel like you can’t express yourself with the level of detail you want. Discussing deep topics is challenging because of missing vocabulary. Your listening is good but understanding YouTube videos or movies requires some support from subtitles.
  • At this time you want to challenge your speaking to communicate clearly and confidently in English in almost any situation. You are motivated to improve your listening skills to be able to hear difficult audio without needing subtitles and to understand people speaking even if they have different accents or they speak quickly. 

What is the 'Stay-on-Track" Goal Setting Program?

We know that when you are studying alone… It can be easy to stop studying, lose motivation, and fall off track.

With our Stay-on-Track Goal Setting Program, it helps you to set clear and achievable goals, to make a plan, and plan for distractions so that you can stay focused and ‘on-track’ to reach your goals.

When you join the program, we will send you a new form to complete with your goals and focus. Amy will review your goals and suggest any changes to make if your goals are not specific enough or you have set a huge commitment that will be difficult to achieve.

In the middle of the month, we will send you a message to remind you to think about your goals that you set again. Either you ‘reset’ your goals or you can continue with the plan that you set for yourself.

At the end of the month, you can self-evaluate your progress, recognize any challenges you had, and create a new plan for the next month!

IF you do not answer our emails, we will contact you to make sure that you are not stuck and to give you some extra motivation. We know that it’s easy to fall off track but we are here to support you 🙂



How do I send voice recordings or writing activities?

Our courses are full of speaking activities and there are some writing activities too.

If you want to write your answer for practice, you can do that in the comment area of the courses (it’s free and included in your plan). A teacher will read your answer and give you 1-3 tips or corrections to help you improve your answer.

If you prefer to submit a voice message OR you want a detailed review of your written answer, you can use your lesson credits to purchase an 8-pack of submissions. A teacher will review your answer in detail and send you the recommendations, corrections, and feedback.

This is a great way to build confidence, learn more natural ways of saying things, and also to learn from any mistakes that you might make!

How much time does it take to complete the courses?

Instead of focusing on ‘how much time you need to finishe the course’… Remember, this package includes language coaching. We are always going to make sure you are working on activities that MOVE YOU FORWARD as fast as possible.


Progressing forward is more important than completing a lesson or course level. We might even tell you to skip a level if you are improving rapidly. Just know that you will always have interesting lessons to work on with this program and we are focused on getting you to your goal as fast as possbile 😀

To answer the question… This is a self-paced course which means that you complete the lessons at your own speed, based on your own schedule.

Each course has 3 levels:

  • Brave Beginner (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3)
  • Inspired Intermediate (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3)
  • Confident Communicator (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3)

How much time do you study each week? 

  • 3 hours/week (30 minutes a day) = 8 weeks to complete one level
  • 4 hours/week (40 minutes a day) = 6 weeks to complete one level
  • 5 hours/week (50 minutes a day)= 5 weeks to complete one level
  • 6 hours/week (1 hour a day) = 1 month to complete one level
  • Each course level has 75-80 lessons which take approximately 15-25 minutes on average to complete.
  • Some students take longer to study a lesson because they study with a lot of detail, use the lessons to learn deeply, and do a lot of practice (which is the best way to learn). 

How do I get feedback and corrections?

Answer: There are several ways to get feedback, ask questions, and to get some corrections.

Ask Questions:

  • In the comment area
  • In our member Group
  • Private lessons
  • Submitting voice recordings from the courses
  • Submitting writing activities from the courses

Voice Recordings or Written Answers Submissions:  The teacher responding to your written or spoken exercises will give you corrections, suggestions to sound more natural, improve pronunciation or anything else that we think will be helpful feedback. 

Speaking Practice Activity: Once you upload your answer to the daily speaking practice challenge, a teacher will reply within 24 hours with tips, feedback and corrections when you upload your answer to the activity.

Private Lessons: In your private lessons, you can ask the teacher any questions you have about anything. These are your lessons to spend the time focusing on what you need help with!

Do I get to talk with native speakers?

Answer: YES. All of our teachers are native speakers from either the USA or Canada. 

You will be interacting with a native speaker in these areas of the program:

  • Your language coaching sessions
  • Private lessons or conversation practices
  • Daily Speaking Practice Activities (replies are often voice messages)
  • Member-only events: Speaking practice sessions with a teacher

There are TONS of opportunities to speak in our fluency programs which is why this is so effective to help people improve their speaking and confidence to communicate in real world situations. 

What if i get too busy to study?


The unlimited language coaching will be very helpful for you because I can help you find a few mintues each day. If this is your problem, book a coaching session and Amy will help you find time and do an activity that will help move you toward your goals EVEN IF you only have a few minutes to practice. 

With our lessons, you can improve your skills with only 20 minutes a day. If you are really busy, even 10 minutes a day will help you maintain the language skills you have worked hard to achieve.  

Having access to high-quality lessons is more important than ever when you are busy. You need to be able to login, learn and practice something that is fun but effective with the limited time you have.

By practicing your skills daily, you will create a strong habit which will be a key part of reaching English fluency.


money back guarantee

Guaranteed to See Results in the Next 90 Days

I know that if you put in the effort, practice consistently, and complete the recommended activities in the courses and coaching sessions, you will see a significant improvement in the top skill that you are focusing on and want to improve.

After 90-days, if you feel that the skill we focused on has not improved, just contact me and i will give you full refund within 48 hours. 

i will be here to guide you, to keep you focused and to help you create a plan that works for your life. I want to see your results as much as you do!

See the Price and Signup Here:


Real English Conversations it is not only about the podcast conversation lessons and the transcripts… but it’s about the larger platform, about being part of a cool community of people, the members where you learn and practice English in a lot of different ways.

And because I know I’m not alone in my English learning journey that keeps my motivation high. As a result, my English has been taken to a higher level. Now, I definitely feel more confident. 

~ Smith Living in Canada now



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Limited Space Available!!

We only have a certain amount of space in our
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Guaranteed to See Results within 90 Days!

Get Your 3-Month Premium Fluency Program with

English Fluency Language Coaching with Amy!

🗸 Get on the Fastest Path to English Fluency with Guided Help

🗸 Solve YOUR Biggest Obstacles with Learning English and Reaching Fluency Faster

🗸 Guaranteed to See Results in the Next 90-Days!


This program includes access to all of this:

Online Fluency Courses

Access to these premium courses focused on developing strong communication skills (value $499).

Monthly Language Coaching with Amy

Get on the fast track to fluency (value $90 over 3 months)


$360 to Schedule Lessons with our Teachers

Schedule private lessons, conversation practice lessons or submit audio for review ($360 value)

Daily Speaking Activities with Feedback

Practice speaking every day (value $100 over 3 months)

Stay On Track Program

Stay motivated and reach your goals (value $90 over 3 months)

Join Member-Only Events

Practicing English with us and other members (value $120 over 3 months)

Get the Newest Podcast Lesson

Get 6-8 conversation lessons over 3 months ($50 value)

✨Join Our Special Offer ✨

 Start this 3-Month Fluency Program

Regular Price $1209

Special Offer Price is $597


Limited Space Available!!

We only have a certain amount of space in our
teaching schedule. Get your spot while you can!
money back guarantee

✔ Guaranteed to See Results in the Next 90 Days

I know that if you put in the effort, practice consistently, and complete the recommended activities in the courses and coaching sessions, you will see a significant improvement in the top skills that you are focusing on and want to improve.

After 90-days, if you feel that the skills we focused on have not improved, just contact me and i will give you full refund within 48 hours. 

i will be here to guide you, to keep you focused and to create a plan that works for your life. I want to see your results as much as you do!

Your program has left me speechless – there’s so much in it. Unbelievable !!! For the first time, in a year, I’ve got the feeling, that I will get to the next level because of your program!!

You should know that I have tried a lot of other lessons… I’ve followed: A.J. Hoge, Gabby Wallace, Jason L. Lavine ( Fluency MC), Rachel’s English (pronunciation), Coach Shane, Real life English (podcast and Fluent with friends), Teacher Paul , Espresso English (Shana) , English with Lucy, Jack from To Fluency English, Idossa, Hadar (accents way), the English coach Stefanie and so on AND private lessons also. 

As you can see, I tried a lot of different methods. I’m not saying I didn’t improve in some way from each teacher… But at some point, my progress stopped. I was always told that we have to surround ourselves with English and this will automatically give us the benefits of these passive activities. That’s obviously not true!

Thanks to Amy’s advice, I finally understand that I have to do some extra work to reach the next level. Your program has been really helpful for dealing with those study habits I was missing (and not doing).

I can see you put a lot of effort and love in your work!!



Hello. I’m from Uruguay.  Real English Conversations is where we can learn to talk and understand the language that people use everyday in a very pleasant way.

I have improved my understanding of native speakers and I can express better my ideas. And all this, in a very short time.

~ Jose (from Uruguay)

“The Methodology is Really Great”

Real English Conversations is the best way to improve my English. When I first started studying English, I was a beginner student. Right now, I consider myself as an advanced student.

The methodology is really great. I can learn the most used words that native speakers use all the time so I can practice my pronunciation, increase my vocabulary, and plus I can practice with native speakers and other members of the community. It’s pretty good!

~ Samuel from Brazil


Hello. I’m from Russia. I have improved my speaking fluency and I have improved my vocaublary ’cause now I use a lot more phrasal verbs and the words people use everyday… Not the phrases from the books!

Yulia from Russia – Now living in the USA


 Hello my name is Airat and I’m from Russia. I’m a scientist. A few months ago, I got a new job and a new post involves a lot of business trips to the United States. At that time my English was terrible. I had to quickly catch up to speak fluent English. I spent a lot of time learning from textbooks but they have turned out to be useless to reach fluency. Then I came across Amy and Curtis’s site. Through their technique in two months I’ve improved my English from beginner to upper-intermediate level. I tried different courses but this site is my favorite. Over the time I’ve come up with my own way of learning which suits me best and that way based on techniques I learned from Amy and Curtis. A further advantage of this site is a very low subscription cost compared to other courses. Thank you guys for your work. I look forward to see new materials. Keep it up!


Scientist from Russia

✨Join Our Special Offer ✨

 Start this 3-Month Fluency Program

Regular Price $1209

Special Offer Price is $597


Limited Space Available!!

We only have a certain amount of space in our
teaching schedule. Get your spot while you can!
Guaranteed to See Results within 90 Days!