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Hello. I am from Bolivia. Real English Conversations has helped me to better understand Real English. I love the structure of the online materials. You can download any recording and it’s transcription. That has helped me a lot because I have been able to learn new phrases and expressions which now I use more confidently while speaking English.

~ Andres from Boliva


For students that want to practice English with a teacher & have access to some audio or video lessons to study.

Perfect for students that have 4-8 hours a week to work on their English. If you have more time, you can work through the online courses!

For students who want maximum results from the time they spend working on their English. We recommend student spend 3-6 hours a week working on the recommended activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if i get too busy to study?

Answer: With our lessons, you can improve your skills with only 20 minutes a day. If you are really busy, even 10 minutes a day will help you maintain the language skills you have worked hard to achieve.  

Having access to high-quality lessons is more important than ever when you are busy. You need to be able to login, learn and practice something that is fun but effective with the limited time you have. 

By practicing your skills daily, you will create a strong habit which will be a key part of reaching English fluency.  

What is the 'Stay-on-Track Student Success Program"

We know that when you are studying alone… It can be easy to stop studying, lose motivation, and fall off track.

With our Stay-on-Track Student Success Program, we will help you set goals, make a plan and check-in to make sure that you are still ‘on-track’ with your plan to reach your goals. 

This video explains the idea in more detail:

As humans, we do not like to disappoint other people.

Just knowing that someone will ask you about your progress is a very powerful tool because you do not want to disappoint your teacher. It seems like a small detail, but it creates motivation to do what you said you were going to do (accountability).

This is a very effective to keep you on-track as a student because you know that someone will notice if you are not studying as frequently as you said you would OR if you are avoiding certain activities because of fear or anxiety (ex. being too scared to join a speaking practice even though you really want to).

Together, we will help you to reach your goals!

When you start, one of our teachers will ask you about your goals and help you to set a study plan. At the end of the month, your teacher will ask you about your progress and to encourage you to continue studying, practicing and learning.

You can count on us to recommend you to do certain activities if we think it will help you to improve a certain skill that you need to improve to reach your goal!

What are "Teacher Minutes"

Our courses are full of speaking activities and there are some writing activities too. For lessons with these activities, you will be able to submit your answer to get corrections and feedback from the teacher. 

This is a great way to build confidence, learn more natural ways of saying things, and also to learn from any mistakes that you might make!

How much time does it take to complete the courses?

This is a self-paced course which means that you complete the lessons at your own speed, based on your own schedule.

Each course has 3 levels:

  • Brave Beginner (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3)
  • Inspired Intermediate (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3)
  • Confident Communicator (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3)

How much time do you study each week? 

  • 3 hours/week (30 minutes a day) = 8 weeks to complete one level
  • 4 hours/week (40 minutes a day) = 6 weeks to complete one level
  • 5 hours/week (50 hour a day)= 5 weeks to complete one level
  • 6 hours/week (1 hour a day) = 1 month to complete one level
  • Each course level has 75-80 lessons which take approximately 15-25 minutes on average to complete.

  • Some students study take longer to study a lesson because they study with a lot of detail, use the lessons to learn deeply, and do a lot of practice (which is the best way to learn). 

How do I get feedback and corrections?

Answer: There are several ways to get feedback, ask questions, and to get some corrections. 

Ask Questions:

  • In the comment area
  • In our member-only WhatsApp Group
  • Private lessons
  • Submitting voice recordings from the courses
  • Submitting writing activities from the courses

Get Feedback & Corrections:  The teacher responding to your written or spoken exercises will try to give you tips or corrections. 

  • Writing activites: There are several writing activities in the courses. You can write you answer and expect to receive 1-3 corrections or tips depending on the length of your answer.
  • Daily speaking challenge: In our member-only WhatsApp Group, we post a daily speaking challenge for you to practice and get feedback, corrections and tips (1-2 tips per message). 
  • Speaking Challenges in the courses: Use Teacher Minutes to get feedback, corrections, and suggestions about how you can improve your answer. 

Do I get to talk with native speakers?

Answer: Yes. Both the private lesson are with a native speaker teacher.

Additionally, in our WhatsApp member-only group, a native speaker is replying to all of the voice messages. This allows you to hear examples and natural audio to get used to hearing how native speakers communicate. You can ask us questions and participate in the speaking challenges.

We also have a Conversation Practice Session with an REC teacher and other members once per week that you can join.

If one-to-one conversations with a native speaker are really important to you, we recommend choosing one of the options with Private Lessons

How can I test my level so I know where to start?

Starting at the right level is important. This is very easy to do with our Online Fluency Courses.

We recommend watching each of the 3 introduction videos to try to find the course level that best describes your skill level and goals.

After that, you can try a 2-3 lessons. If it is too easy, try a 1-2 lessons from the next course level. If it is too difficult, try a lower level.

If you are unsure, you can write to us to get support AND you can change your course level at anytime. 


Level Descriptions of the courses: 

  • Brave Beginner: You already know the basics of English grammar and some vocabulary. If you can read this page and understand it okay, your English level is high enough to do the lessons.
  • You want to start practicing your speaking skills to build the vocabulary, listening and ‘thinking’ skills you need to feel comfortable having easy conversations. 

  • Inspired Intermediate: You want to improve your speaking and listening for better conversations. Right now, you can communicate but you feel like everything you say is ‘simple’. You can understand enough to reply to someone but you want to have stronger listening skills.
  • At this time, you need to practice speaking a lot, do intense listening training, and build your vocabulary to be able to express yourself well. 

  • Confident Communicator (C1 advanced): You can communicate in English but you feel like you can’t express yourself with the level of detail you want. Discussing deep topics is challenging because of missing vocabulary. Your listening is good but understanding YouTube videos or movies requires some support from subtitles.
  • At this time you want to challenge your speaking to communicate clearly and confidently in English in almost any situation. You are motivated to improve your listening skills to be able to hear difficult audio without needing subtitles and to understand people speaking even if they have different accents or they speak quickly. 


Real English Conversations it is not only about the podcast conversation lessons and the transcripts… but it’s about the larger platform, about being part of a cool community of people, the members where you learn and practice English in a lot of different ways.

And because I know I’m not alone in my English learning journey that keeps my motivation high. As a result, my English has been taken to a higher level. Now, I definitely feel more confident. 

~ Smith Living in Canada now



Where Do You Go to Learn English? 


Think about the English schools in your city for a minute.

It’s a classroom with 20-30 other students.

Your teacher is NOT a native English speaker.

You study grammar. They give you tests.

You practice speaking for maybe 5 or 10 minutes.

And if you are lucky, the teacher gives you one correction per class.

Worst of all…

These courses cost at least $150 to $200 every month IF you can find a cheap one!

Programs in English speaking countries are $600 to $1000 per month!

… And that doesn’t include your plane ticket, cost of rent, food, and transportation.


Pay Less & Get More!

When you learn online you can…


Learn from the BEST English teachers in the world!

Who are also native speakers…


Have an English Immersion Experience

Conversations in English, lessons in English, read, listen, and write in English, speaking challenges in English!


Practice Speaking A LOT

In the online courses, in the member groups and with native speakers!


Access to Premium Online Courses

Fun & interesting courses focused teaching you to speak better with more fluency and to develop your listening skills.


Be Part of an English Speaking Community

Meet really cool people from all over the world!


Get Feedback, Corrections & Support

  • Ask questions in the comment area
  • Voice recordings and writing activities from the courses
  • In your lessons with a teacher

It’s Time to Change WHERE you Should be Learning English.

Learn Online. Get Better Teachers. Get Better Courses. Get Better Results. For a Better Price.

Which of these Programs is BEST for You??

For students that want to practice English with a teacher & have access to some audio or video lessons to study.

Perfect for students that have 4-8 hours a week to work on their English. If you have more time, you can work through the online courses!

For students who want maximum results from the time they spend working on their English. We recommend student spend 3-6 hours a week working on the recommended activities.

Hello. I’m from Mexico. What I do like most about Real English Conversations is their speaking exercises because they help me to improve my English and pronunciation. And also, the most important thing, they help me to think in English

~ Nisey G. Now living in the USA



“The Methodology is Really Great”

Real English Conversations is the best way to improve my English. When I first started studying English, I was a beginner student. Right now, I consider myself as an advanced student.

The methodology is really great. I can learn the most used words that native speakers use all the time so I can practice my pronunciation, increase my vocabulary, and plus I can practice with native speakers and other members of the community. It’s pretty good!

~ Samuel from Brazil


Hello. I’m from Russia. I have improved my speaking fluency and I have improved my vocaublary ’cause now I use a lot more phrasal verbs and the words people use everyday… Not the phrases from the books!

Yulia from Russia – Now living in the USA


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