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Feel Confident When I Have to Speak in English

Speak with More Fluency and Think Less

Understand Movies without Subtitles

Feel Prepared for a Job Interview in English

Express Your Ideas Clearly and Naturally

Participate in Meetings a Work and Share Ideas


Speak with a Better Accent

Tell Stories and Be an Interesting Speaker

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Sefanya Hiennadi

Sefanya Hiennadi

Lisa Stein

Lisa Stein

Curtis Davies

Curtis Davies

Amy Whitney

Amy Whitney

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Lisa Stein

English Teacher

Teaching Specialties:
  • Speaking Fluency & Conversation Flow
  • Building Confidence
  • Business English
  • Job Interview Preparation
  • Presentations

Lisa is a native speaker from Toronto, Canada who is passionate about helping English learners build confidence. She teaches with kindness and patience, and truly understands the challenges of learning a foreign language.

Before teaching English, Lisa worked in the corporate business world for many years. This makes lisa a great choice to practice business English and work related skills such as having clear communication, participating in meetings effectively, and delivering presentations.

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Since 2018, Lisa has been teaching English and has taught thousands of English lessons online to students all over the world.

  • TEFL Certified (Teacher of English as a foreign Language)
  • Taught in a program for New Immigrants to Canada
  • Certified Yoga & Mediatation Instructor

Other Experience (Work & Interests):

  • Vacation Rental Property Manager
  • 20+ Years in the Financial Industry
  • Kids Help Foundation 

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Sefanya Hiennadi

English Teacher

Teaching Specialties:
  • Speaking Fluency & Listening
  • Building Confidence
  • Grammar & Language Stucture
  • TOEFL Test Preparation
  • Writing & Proofreading

Sefanya Hiennadi is a native English speaker from the United States and she can help you meet your language goals. She is a multilingual language teacher with 10 years of experience teaching both children and adults.

Not only is she a highly experienced language teacher, but she is also knowledgeable about how to successfully learn languages as an adult.

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Sefanya holds a teaching license with and ESOL endorsement (English for Speakers of Other Languages) from the US and has worked with learners from all age groups and language levels.

  • 11 years of experience teaching languages
  • 2 years working completely online with students

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Curtis Davies

English Teacher

Teaching Specialties:
  • Speaking Fluency
  • Listening Skill Development
  • Efficient Learning Strategies
  • Confident Communication

Curtis is a native English speaker from Canada. He is a TEFL-certified English teacher that has taught over 4000+ online lessons.

Teaching English and helping students is a huge passion for Curtis. He loves to see students break through barriers, build confidence, and to see excellent progress with their English communication skills.

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English Teaching Experience:

Curtis has been helping students to improve their English speaking fluency, listening skills, and confidence since 2015

  • 4000+ one-to-one lessons taught online
  • Co-Host of the Real English Conversations Podcast
  • Co-Host of the English Phrasal Verb Podcast
  • TEFL Certified (Teacher of English as a Foreign Language)

Other Experience (Work & Interests):

  • Radio Broadcaster – Attended a training program specifically for radio broadcasting and  provided live news updates for the station
  • Music DJ – Played on several late-night music shows for university radio stations & invited as a guest to local radio stations. Later, Curtis ran a mobile DJ company where he played music at events such as weddings, school dances, etc.
  • Delivery Service – Owned and operated a local delivery service for over 10 years. Managing staff, dispatching and coordinating orders, marketing & promotions, customer service.
  • Sales & Customer Service – Worked in various job postions providing customer service and sales.

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Amy Whitney

English Fluency Expert

Teaching Specialties:
  • Speaking Fluency
  • Listening Skill Development
  • Efficient Learning Strategies
  • Confident Communication

Amy is an English Fluency Expert who can quickly identify problems that her students are facing.

After teaching 4500+ one-to-one lessons with mainly intermediate to advanced level learners, Amy knows the exact activities to do to help you see results.

“One of my favorite things about teaching is when my new students is realize that I know exactly where they are stuck and I know what we are going to do overcome a problem that they’ve been struggling with for a very long time.”

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English Teaching:

  • Taught over 4500 One-to-One lessons online with students from all around the world
  • Host of the Real English Conversations Podcast
  • Creator of the Online Fluency Courses (Courses that focus on improving speaking fluency, confidence, and listening abilities)
  • TEFL Certified

Professional Knowledge & Experience:

  • Medical Office Assistant and Office Manager
  • Baker & Cook for a small catering restaurant
  • Marketing Parter for a software startup offering online ordering for restaurants
  • Started, Owned & Operated a local delivery Service for 10 years
  • Digital Marketing: SEO, email marketing, marketing funnels, podcasting, copywriting, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to take a trial lesson?

Trial lessons are a great way to meet the teacher you want to learn with and to feel confident that they can help you to improve the skills you want to improve. 

Additionally, your teacher can help you to decide which Fluency Program will be the best for you based on your goals and the amount of time you have available to work on your English skills. 

If you know that you want to join our Fluency Programs and you are ready to get started, choose your plan and register here

How do I join the lesson?

We use a video calling platform like Zoom or Skype. Once you schedule your lessons, you will receive an email with instructions to connect with your teacher. 

I live in a different time zone. How do I know if you are available?

Our teachers are located in different time zones around the world with a wide range of lesson times. There are suitable times for students from Asia, Europe, North and South America. 

To see the teacher’s availablity, just click the ‘book a lesson’ button, set your time zone, and click on the different dates to see the times available. 

Note: Our teachers have many students that book with them. Be sure to check the calendar for 1-2 weeks in the future to have a better idea of their availability in your time zone. 

Are the Teachers native speakers?

Yes, all of our teachers are native English speakers that are experienced with teaching adult learners that want to improve their speaking fluency, listening skills and sound more natural when they speak. 

How do I know the time of the class if my time zone is different?

Our lesson calendar will ask you to set your time zone before you schedule a lesson. The times that you see in the calendar are showing in your time zone. 

View the profile of the teacher you want to learn with and click ‘see schedule’ to view the available times in your time zone. 


What can I expect in the lesson?

First Lesson (Trial Lesson):

Start of the lesson: You will explain your goals and learning challenges. At the same time, your teacher will evaluate your communication abilities. 

Next the teacher will choose a small activity that is perfect for your level and focuses on the skills you want to improve.

Lastly, the teacher will talk to you about their recommendations to continue learning and how they plan to help you in your personalized course. 


Do you Have a Question?

Ask your question here 

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Hello. I’m from Mexico. What I do like most about Real English Conversations is their speaking exercises because they help me to improve my English and pronunciation. And also, the most important thing, they help me to think in English

~ Nisey G. Now living in the USA


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 This program includes access to all of this:

Personalized Support: 


Student Goals & Personalized Plan

After discussing your goals and the skills you want to improve, your teacher will plan a step-by-step personalized course that focuses on the TOP skills to guarantee results. 


One-to-One Lessons with an Expert Teacher

Learn faster with an expert teacher that knows how to tailor each lesson to help you practice your skills in the most effective way.

Get lots of speaking time, personalized feedback, and corrections to improve your fluency, vocabulary, natural expression and confidence.


Your Personalized Course

Always be studying the perfect lesson to improve the skills you need to develop.

After each one-to-one lesson, your teacher will prepare a personalized assignment that will help you to continue developing your skills between one-to-one lessons.

Flexible Online Learning


Book Lessons Around YOUR Schedule

You choose the times and dates of the one-to-one lessons with your teacher.

  • Book lessons in advance to get your ideal lesson time
  • Teachers are available in ALL time zones

Pause Your Program at Anytime

Ask us to pause your program for up to 2 weeks if you have a vacation, an unexpected emergency, or for personal reasons.


Access to Premium Online Lessons

To ensure that you always have high-quality lessons to study, you will have access to our Premium Online Lessons that are exclusively available to Fluency Program students. 


Flexible Scheduling

Be Part of Our English Speaking Community


Daily Speaking Practice Challenges

Have daily contact with English and practice your speaking often with our fun speaking challenges posted by a teacher. 

  • Get feedback and corrections from a teacher each time you post an answer.
  • We adjust the activities to be perfect for each level.

Conversation Practice Meetups

Practice speaking with other students in our global community that want to practice their English with you!

Learn about other cultures and meet people from all over the world: Brazil, Japan, Korea, France, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, China, the Philipines, Italy, and many other nationalities!

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Guaranteed to See Results in the Next 90 Days

We know that if you put in the effort, practice consistently, attend your lessons, and complete your assignments, you will see a significant improvement in the top skills that you are focusing on and want to improve.

After 90-days, if you feel that the skills we identified and focused on in your personalized course have not improved, just contact us within 120 days of signing up and we will give you full refund within 48 hours. 

We will be here to guide you, to keep you focused and to help you create a personalized plan that works for your life. We want to see your results as much as you do!

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Your program has left me speechless – there’s so much in it. Unbelievable !!! For the first time, in a year, I’ve got the feeling, that I will get to the next level because of your program!!

You should know that I have tried a lot of other lessons… I’ve followed: A.J. Hoge, Gabby Wallace, Jason L. Lavine ( Fluency MC), Rachel’s English (pronunciation), Coach Shane, Real life English (podcast and Fluent with friends), Teacher Paul , Espresso English (Shana) , English with Lucy, Jack from To Fluency English, Idossa, Hadar (accents way), the English coach Stefanie and so on AND private lessons also. 

As you can see, I tried a lot of different methods. I’m not saying I didn’t improve in some way from each teacher… But at some point, my progress stopped. I was always told that we have to surround ourselves with English and this will automatically give us the benefits of these passive activities. That’s obviously not true!

Thanks to Amy’s advice, I finally understand that I have to do some extra work to reach the next level. Your program has been really helpful for dealing with those study habits I was missing (and not doing).

I can see you put a lot of effort and love in your work!!



“The Methodology is Really Great”

Real English Conversations is the best way to improve my English. When I first started studying English, I was a beginner student. Right now, I consider myself as an advanced student.

The methodology is really great. I can learn the most used words that native speakers use all the time so I can practice my pronunciation, increase my vocabulary, and plus I can practice with native speakers and other members of the community. It’s pretty good!

~ Samuel from Brazil


Hello. I’m from Uruguay.  Real English Conversations is where we can learn to talk and understand the language that people use everyday in a very pleasant way.

I have improved my understanding of native speakers and I can express better my ideas. And all this, in a very short time.

~ Jose (from Uruguay)

Hello. I’m from Russia. I have improved my speaking fluency and I have improved my vocaublary ’cause now I use a lot more phrasal verbs and the words people use everyday… Not the phrases from the books!

Yulia from Russia – Now living in the USA


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