Amy Whitney

Amy Whitney

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About Amy Whitney

Amy Whitney is a native English speaker from Canada. She has helped hundreds of students to improve their speaking fluency, develop strong listening skills, and most importantly to help students become confident communicators in English. 

Spoken Languages

Amy Whitney speaks English (native), Spanish (C2), and a bit of Portuguese (A1).

Teaching and Other Experience

English Teaching Experience

Amy is a English Fluency Expert that specializes in helping pre-intermediate to upper-advanced English learners to reach their fluency goals. Her main focus is to teach practical methods and to provide an environment where students can speak with confidence in real world situations. 

  • 4500+ one-to-one lessons with students
  • Language Coach who teaches efficient learning strategies to students to make great progress faster. 
  • Creator of the Online Fluency Couress and Fluency Programs which focus on speaking fluency, listening skill development, learning the right vocabulary, and building confidence. 
  • Host of the Real English Conversations Podcast and the English Phrasal Verb Podcast
  • Trainer of other teachers to successfully teach speaking and listening fluency in a strategic way. 


Other Professional Knowledge & Experience:

Amy has a wide range of work experience from 15+ years as an entrepreneur and a professional in various industries.

  • Medical Office Assistant and Office Manager
  • Baker & Cook for a small catering restaurant
  • Marketing Partner for a software startup offering online ordering for restaurants
  • Started, Owned & Operated a local delivery service for 10 years
  • Digital Marketing: SEO, email marketing, marketing funnels, podcasting, copywriting, etc.  

Lessons & Teaching Style:

Amy helps students to identify the specific problems they are experiencing, then doing activities that will lead to noticeable progress to improve the required skills. 

One of Amy’s specialties is to be able to quickly identify common problems and struggles that intermediate to advanced learners are facing even after YEARS of trying to improve their skills. 

Lessons with Amy are usually very focused and will challenge you to think differently about the way that you are practicing your English to help you get to the next level.

"She is a fantastic listener, teacher and friend"

Amy is the best teacher I’ve ever had. She is a fantastic listener, teacher and friend. You can talk to her about any topic you like and she’s always is interested in learning things about you and your culture. Amy has helped me to prepare to a job interview, she was able to combine patience with a huge amount of motivation and those points really helped me to get ready for the interview. Furthermore, It is clear that Amy has a lot of experience in the business world, and she was able not only to teach me English, but also to coach me as a businessperson. Amy, can’t wait for another session with you!

"You rephrase my complicated expressions into true English"

Thank you, Amy, for the careful preparation of another great topic for our conversation. It makes pleasant even your most brutal method. It seems so easy once you rephrase my complicated expressions into true English. I wish I knew it your way. And your everlasting smile is very helpful too. Many thanks.

"I changed my mindset to think in English without translating"

Amy is the first teacher I met in italki . I am so luck that made the right decision to learn English with her. We talked about different topics in the lesson. She is so patient when I struggled about expressing my idea in English and reorganized them to sound like a native. That real helps me to change my mindset to think in English without translating. All those conversations broaden my vocabulary in some specific fields which I’ve never encountered before.In short, I’d love to continue my English learning journey with Amy in future!

"I was really confident about my speaking in my job interview"


"I have been having classes with Amy for two years"

I have been having classes with Amy for two years since now but the last one probably was the better I’ve ever had. We talked about the awful situation we ‘re living in Italy because of Coronavirus outbreak, (so nothing good!) but Amy as usual was so kind, so smiley and supportive that she made my day better. Amy is not only a very good teacher but she’s, above all, such a nice person and I love to improve my English with her!

"She encouraged me to use English with no fear!"

I’ve completed 21 classes with Amy on italki. She is very passionate about teaching English, and a very experienced teacher. Focusing on spontaneous conversation was very helpful for my improvement. She encouraged me to use English with no fear to express my idea and opinion in English. It is really that connection is vital prior to perfection. Thank you for backing me up, Amy!