Sefanya Hiennadi

Sefanya Hiennadi


About Sefanya

Sefanya Hiennadi is a native English speaker from the United States and she can help you meet your language goals. She is a multilingual language teacher with 10 years of experience teaching both children and adults. Not only is she a highly experienced language teacher, but she is also knowledgeable about how to successfully learn languages as an adult.

Spoken Languages:

Sefanya speaks English (native), Indonesian (native), and Javanese (native) and also speaks French (B2), Spanish (B1), and a bit of Portuguese (A2).

Teaching Experience

Sefanya holds a teaching license with and ESOL endorsement (English for Speakers of Other Languages) from the US and has worked with learners from all age groups and language levels.

  • 11 years of experience teaching languages
  • 2 years working completely online with students
  • An experienced language learner herself (learning 3 languages and speaks 3 languages natively)
Lessons & Teaching Style

Each lesson will be tailored to focus on your needs, goals and interests. If needed I will provide materials and design activities to create an interactive and personalized lesson to help you improve where you need the most practice or support.

Specialties Include:

  • Speaking confidence & fluency¬†
  • Storytelling and small talk
  • Expressing ideas in a natural way (sound more natural)
  • General business English, presentations & work communication
  • Slang, colloquial terms, expressions, and idioms
  • Phrasal verbs
  • Conversation practice
  • TOEFL English Test Preparation¬†
  • Proofreading (punctuation, structure, tenses, spelling, word choice, etc.)
  • Writing practice

Very professional and easy to work with!

Completed a trial lesson. Terrific. Very professional and easy to work. Will pursue further lessons.

I Received a lot of Feedback!

It was a great opportunity learning with Sefanya. She connected with me quickly and gave me new skills during our conversation. I received lots of feedback that could help me to improve my English conversation skills. I truly recommend her.

"I feel so much more at ease speaking in English"

I can hear myself improving and feel so much more at ease speaking in English now than when we first started 7-8 months ago. Thank you so much, you have really helped me!

"Very Helpful and Takes Care"

Very helpful and takes care with what I need to learn of speaking and listening better.

Great Progress After Only 3 Months!

Jennifer really struggled when it came to speaking last year, but she’s a lot better at it now. Thank you,¬†Sefanya!

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