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Get Speaking in

Real English Conversations

Build Confidence. Speak with Natives. Have fun!

Get Speaking in Real English Conversations

Build Confidence, Speak with Natives, and Have fun!

Learn from Native Speakers and Real Conversations

Start using the same phrases native speakers use in everyday communication



Speak more with native speakers


Increase vocabulary in speaking


Express your thoughts naturally in English


Better understand naturally spoken English

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What is the Conversation Lessons Like?

English Podcast: Delivery Service

Conversation Topic

Getting Food Delivered & Delivery Services

Role Play

How to place an order by phone for delivery


  • When do you usually order food for delivery?
  • Which delivery options are available where you live?
  • Have you ever used an app to order delivery?

Related Vocabulary & Phrases

Get a list of 20 words and phrases that you will use in the conversation lesson

This Lesson Includes:


15-minute Recorded Conversation

  • Hear a natural conversation between two native speakers talking about getting delivery

New Vocabulary & Speaking Questions

  • Learn & practice new words, phrases and expressions related to this topic with our Lesson Notes

Join a 55-minute conversation lesson

Practice speaking and use what you have learned with teacher Amy or Curtis from the Real English Conversations Podcast

English Podcast: Delivery Service

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Frequently Asked Questions

What level of English do I need to have to join?

These are conversation lessons that are ideal for intermediate students (B1 or B2) and advanced (C1)

You will receive the questions that will be asked in the lesson in advance so that you can prepare your answer, find vocabulary you need, and practice. 

Students with a lower level (B1) usually have shorter answers but they learn a lot while trying to express their idea in more detail. Students with an advanced level (C1) usually speak longer and use interesting phrases, vocabulary, and expressions that everyone can learn from. 

This is the reason why we can have multiple levels in these lessons. Our teachers are very experienced at working with students at different levels and we know how to create a safe learning environment where everyone can enjoy practicing and learning from each other. 

How do I join the lesson? (Video Call)

We will be using Zoom for our video calls which is a free to use and download.  You will receive a special link to join the lesson after signing up for this class.

How many people are in each lesson?

Our Group Lessons have a maximum of 6 people

What is the time zone?

Each of our teachers is located in different cities or time zones. Our calendar automatically shows the lesson time in YOUR time zone.

To change the time zone (if it is incorrect), click this menu and choose the city with your local time zone. 

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How many times can I join the trial lesson?

This trial lesson is only available for students to join one time. If you wish to continue with the lessons, you will need to join the full course. See the course options here

What is the price of the regular lessons?

These conversation lessons are part of the Real English Conversations Course which includes group lessons that you can join to practice.

This course has 3 options:

  • Online Course Only
  • Group Course
  • Private Course

Learn more about the course and see prices here.