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Welcome to Part 1 of this 3-part series where you are going to learn HOW to accelerate your English learning to reach your English goals faster.


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About this episode…

Looking back on the past few months and thinking about everything you’ve done:

… All of the podcasts you’ve listened to.
… All the TV series episodes you’ve watched.
… The time you spent learning new words, phrases, and even the odd grammar point.

And after all that,

Are you happy with the progress you’ve made with your English?

Despite putting in all that time and effort…
Fluency still feels like it’s a LONG way away.

When I was trying to learn Spanish, I made a simple but critical mistake.
And that ‘simple’ mistake cost me 14 YEARS of being stuck.

No matter what I was doing or how much time or effort I was putting in, it was clear that
I was making little progress or no progress at all.

The thing is, almost ALL English learners are making this same mistake.
… And they don’t even know they are doing it.

In today’s podcast, I’ll be explaining more about this ‘simple’ mistake.
And showing you how EASY it is to change immediately.

So that you can get BETTER results out of every hour you put into your English.


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