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This is the final part of this special 3-part series where you are going to learn HOW to accelerate your English learning to reach your English goals faster.

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About this episode…

So, what was the BIGGEST mistake I made that kept me stuck as a beginner for so long?

It wasn’t only because I was doing Naive Practice…

But it was also because I was following the ‘common’ suggestions and ideas about HOW to learn a language, such as:

“Just listen to lots of audio”
“Watch movies with subtitles”
“Take a language course”
“Go to a Spanish speaking country. You’ll learn fast!”

Trust me, I tried ALL of them….
Multiple times.

It seemed like these ideas worked for everyone else, but they weren’t working for me.

I thought, “Maybe I’m just bad at learning languages”.
And at one point, I almost gave up.

It wasn’t until I started think about how I usually learn new skills that I realized, it’s a simple 2-step method:

Step 1: Think about the skill I want to be able to do.
Step 2: Think of ways to learn and practice it.

For Spanish, I wanted to be able to:
> Speak with real people and understand them

But when I looked at what I was actually doing
> Memorizing random words and doing grammar drills

Wait a minute…
How are grammar drills helping my speaking? Or listening?

Oops. They don’t.

And what type of words am I learning?
…Words from grammar lessons.

Are those the words used in everyday communication?
Nope. Definitely not.

This helped me realize, I was doing the wrong activities for the skills I needed.

My next mission: Find a better way to practice speaking and listening.

And this brought me to the ‘trial and error’ part of my learning where I spent the next two years experimenting with different ideas.

Although most of my ideas were complete failures…

… Eventually I found the key methods that UNLOCKED my language skills and allowed me to make rapid progress.

Like really rapid.
I got up to an advanced level within 1 year.

Although my story is ‘interesting’ because it explains HOW I figured out how to reach fluency.

My story is also the LONG and SLOW WAY.
… And I don’t recommend it.

Because there is a MUCH faster way.

In today’s podcast, I want to share the concept of DELIBERATE PRACTICE which builds on the concept of Purposeful Practice.

Without doubt, Deliberate Practice is the fast-track to fluency.
And it’s a method that can easily increase the speed you learn by 3x.


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