phrasal verbs story

Phrasal Verb Story Lesson 1-10


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  1. Read the story using the transcription below. Try to understand the meaning of the story and remember the meaning from each lesson.
  2. Once you know the story and understand it, try listening to the audio while reading the transcription.
  3. When you feel confused, stop the audio, read the transcription and take the time you need to think about the meaning.
  4. Repeat these steps until you can listen to the audio and understand the phrasal verbs being used in the story 🙂


Study Tip:

If you feel like it is difficult to understand the story, focus on the alternative meaning of the phrasal verb. Once you can understand everything, try to replace the ‘alternative meaning’ with the phrasal verb.


Phrasal Verb Story

Last year we decided to take 6 weeks off (time away from work) of work so we could to travel to Ecuador. After 3 flights we had finally arrived in Ecuador but had to stay in a hotel overnight. In the morning we had to take off (leave) from our hotel at 9AM so that we had enough time to go through security and get our tickets before our plane took off (left the ground) at noon to reach our final destination on the coast.

Once we were in the air, high above the mountains, the plane started to make a strange noise. It sounded like one of the engines was acting up (having a technical problem). We were hoping nothing as going to go wrong but I was definitely thinking that the mechanics should track down (find) the source of the noise; because the entire flight I was thinking over (think about) all of the horrible things that might happen if there was a problem with the engine of the airplane.

About halfway through the flight I decided to take off (remove) my jacket and use it as a pillow against the side of the airplane because I was feeling run down (low on energy) after so much time travelling. Just as I was about to fall asleep, a little girl started to act up (misbehave) and was crying. Although I’m complaining about the flight and the plane, I’m not trying to run down (talking badly) the airline. The staff were really friendly and after all, we did arrive safely to our destination.

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