phrasal verbs story

Phrasal Verb Story Lessons 11-20 


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  1. Read the story using the transcription below. Try to understand the meaning of the story and remember the meaning from each lesson.
  2. Once you know the story and understand it, try listening to the audio while reading the transcription.
  3. When you feel confused, stop the audio, read the transcription and take the time you need to think about the meaning.
  4. Repeat these steps until you can listen to the audio and understand the phrasal verbs being used in the story 🙂


Study Tip:

If you feel like it is difficult to understand the story, focus on the alternative meaning of the phrasal verb. Once you can understand everything, try to replace the ‘alternative meaning’ with the phrasal verb.


Phrasal Verb Story

A few days ago I was having some problems with my cell phone. It was starting to act like (behaving) a piece of junk and the battery was dying really quickly.

I called for technical support and the cell company told me to reset the phone and to backup (make a secure copy) my cell phone in case something happened and it permanently died. I think I would feel like I would want to pass out (lose consciousness) if I lost all of my photos and phone numbers on my phone.  The technical support person backed me up (supported) with the theory that it may be a battery problem.

I backed up (reversed) out of my driveway and went to the cell phone shop for a new one. The guy replaced my battery and handed out (gave) one of his business cards to me in case I had any questions.

When I got home the problem with the battery was still happening. They must have slipped up (mistake) on determining the problem with the phone. Initially, the guy that sold me the battery would not back down (leave the challenge) that it was, in fact, a problem with the phone, but eventually, the guy owned up (confessed) to determining the issue was the incorrectly diagnosed.

I decided to get a new phone because I knew this one was old and things were not going to pan out (happen) very well with it for much longer.

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