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Free English Conversations

Forest Fires

Free English Conversation: An interesting episode about forest fires and how they affect us in our city every year.

Free English Dialogues

Predicting The Future

Listen to this free English Conversation about all the interesting ways you can predict the future!

Real English Dialogues

Job Interviews

Listen to this free English Conversation about all the things you should do and should not do in a job interview!

family vacations english conversations mp3

Family Vacations

Premium Members AudioListen to English as we talk about our childhood vacations with our family.

Free English Conversations

Moving to Another Country

Listen to this free English Conversation about what it is like to sell everything you own and move to another country!

resumes american english conversation

Resumes for Jobs

Premium Members Audio: In this conversation, we discuss resumes in North America and what employers look for in a resume.

Weddings English Conversations


Premium Members Audio: An  English Conversation episode about weddings in North America and we talk about a recent wedding that we went to.

English Conversations Colombia

Carnival in Colombia

A free English Conversation lesson about our experiences during the second largest carnival in the world.

English Conversations

Small Talk #1

Premium Members AudioListen to a casual everyday English conversation about a the latest things that have been going on in our lives.

english conversations hot springs

Natural Hot Springs

Premium Member MP3: Listen to Real English as we talk about visiting the natural hot spring (hot water) in the mountains during a road trip.

English Conversations for Jobs

Applying for Jobs

Free English Conversation: An English conversation about our experiences applying for jobs.

English Conversations mp3

Recycling and the Environment

Premium Members Audio: In this episode we talk about the very important topic of recycling and our environment.

Moving English Conversations mp3


Premium Member Lesson: In this English conversation we talk about moving or relocating your home within a city and to further places.

airport travel english conversations

Airport Travel

Free English Conversation: A full free English conversation about traveling in airports that speak a language you are learning.

English Conversations

Tattoos and Body Piercings

Premium Member MP3: In this English Conversations episode we discuss the culture around tattoos and body piercings.

Social Media English Conversations

Social Media Sites

Premium Member Dialogue: Join Real English Conversations in this discussion about the most popular social media sites.

Exercise English Conversations


Free English Conversation: Listen to us talk about exercise and trying to make it a habit.

Everyday Music Dialogue English Conversations


Premium Member Audio: Listen to this English Conversation about music and how technology is affecting it.

English Conversations

Buying Stuff

Premium Member Lesson: From Real English Conversations we have an episode about buying things.

Surgery English Conversations


Free English Audio: Listen to one of our free English Conversations about surgery.

Real English Conversations Mp3

Our Story

Premium Member Audio Listen to the story about Curtis and Amy, why they decided to start Real English Conversations and about their life experiences.

Interview English Conversation mp3

Working in Northern Canada

Premium Member MP3: Listen to a Real English Conversation about working in Northern Canada in the oil industry.

Real English Conversations


Free English Conversation: Listen to us talk about our favorite summertime activity.

English Learning Languages Audio

Learning Languages Part 1

Premium Member Audio: An English conversations episode about learning languages in a classroom. Part 1 of 2.

Restaurants English Conversations


Premium Member Audio: Continuing from episode 9, we talk about our experiences in the restaurant industry in this English conversation.

English Learning Languages Audio

Learning Languages Part 2

Free English Audio: Check out this free real English conversation about studying languages on your own

English conversations about relationships


Premium Member MP3: We talk about couples, relationships and some of the funny nicknames we have for our significant other.

Pets English Conversations Mp3

Pets & Domestic Animals

Premium Member Audio: Amy & Curtis talk about the different pets they have had in their lives for Real English Conversations.

English Conversations

Niagara Falls

Free English Conversation: One of our fascinating discussions about the world’s largest waterfall, Niagara Falls.

English Conversations About Animal Shelters

Animal Shelters

Premium Member Audio: Listen to this English dialogue about animal shelters and how they are important in the community.

English Conversations

New Year's Eve Party

 Premium Member Lesson: This English conversation talks about celebrating New Year’s Eve for 2015!

English Conversations for Jobs

Jobs & Work Experience

Free English Dialogue: We talk about our job history and work experience here. Another free English conversations episode for you.

Winter Strom English Conversations

Winter Storm

Premium Member Audio: What happens when Canada gets a big winter storm. Another one of our crazy English conversations.

Saving Time English Conversations


Premium Member Audio: A bit of an introduction to Amy and Curtis that you can listen to a real English Conversation.

Free English Conversation Mp3

Snow Slide & Avalanches

Free English Conversation: Learn about the natural hazard of snow in the mountains in this informative discussion.

Free English Conversation Mp3

Daylight Savings Time & Seasons

Premium Member Dialogue: We talk about the seasons and time changes in episode number 2 of our English conversations podcast.

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Real English Conversations have been recorded by Amy & Curtis to help you learn the American English accent and English expressions through natural conversational English dialogues. Through a wide range of topics and discussions, you will find that you will be able to increase your understanding of an English Conversation and start to feel confident saying all these new expressions during your own English conversations.

Each English conversation has an audio transcription so that you can read along while you are listening to the English conversations. Download the English conversation MP3 and listen to them away from the website from the Real English Conversation Lessons Pack. If you prefer, we have an English podcast that you can subscribe to so that you receive notifications each time one of our conversational English downloads is ready.

Download Free English Conversations in MP3 Format

As a Premium Member at Real English Conversations, you will have access to download MP3 and PDF transcription files to read and listen to English offline, when you are away from your computer. Check out all the features here.

Learn Conversational English

Real English Conversations has created several courses in our member area to help you improve you speaking with our speaking practice course and the Conversational English Course.  There are 3 lessons and more than 200 conversational questions that will help you to speak fluently and easily about a wide number of subjects in English.

We teach you techniques you can use to develop your English fluency quicker than any other methods or courses you have tried. The English speaking practice exercises are something you can do even if you don’t have a partner to practice with. They are designed for you to practice by yourself. The conversational English course is perfect for pre-intermediate learners and also has a section that is dedicated to helping you improve your pronunciation. These lessons show you how an everyday English dialogue can help you to improve listening and speaking.

The second English course that we have is the English phrasal verb course. Phrasal verbs are essential to conversational English and are often the preferred verb to use for native English speakers. Phrasal verbs often are confusing because they are created with 2 different words that individually do not make sense; however, together they mean something different. Improve your understanding of our conversations and start using them in your own English Conversations by studying some lessons from our phrasal verb course.

We have over 250 English Phrasal Verb lessons available. Each lesson includes 2 examples using the phrasal verb and 2 examples of an alternative way of saying it. There is an audio track so you can study English phrasal verbs through listening rather than memorizing a list. The most interesting part of the course is the phrasal verb story. It uses 10 English phrasal verbs from the previous lessons in a story that uses them in context.

These stories can be a bit strange but they do a good job to help you remember this important grammar aspect of English conversation. The last part of our premium membership that will help you to improve your conversational English is the Conversational English Course. This set of lessons teaches you our favorite techniques to help you learn English faster, speak better and improve your listening skills. Follow the lessons step by step and start improving rapidly.

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