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Real English Conversation about Driving

by Real English Conversations

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Amy: What have you been pulled over1 for?
Curtis: I’ve been pulled over for tailgating2 an ambulance.
Amy: Oh, my God. I didn’t think that was the story he was going to pick.
Curtis: No, this is a very, very bad thing to do. I don’t recommend you doing this.
Amy: Okay. What’s tailgating?
Curtis: Tailgating is following somebody too close. So usually you have to leave a car
length in between the car in front of you and your car. And I at that point …
Amy: Had a very, very bad habit of driving way too close.
Curtis: Right. And in between–or I was in between the emergency ambulance vehicle in
front of me and a police car behind me. But I didn’t know it was a police car because it
didn’t have the lights.
Amy: Oh, it was a ghost car3.
Curtis: It was a ghost car.
Amy: Sneaky4.
Curtis: Or an unmarked car. Yeah.
Amy: Right. An unmarked car.
Curtis: And right away, he turned on his lights that were on his dashboard and the front of
his car and his siren. And he was mad.
Amy: He was.
Curtis: But I got lucky5 on that one too. Even though he was mad, he didn’t give me a
Amy: Yeah. Sometimes they let you off. They–like they let you off the hook6 or I don’t
know. They give you, what is it? A warning?
Curtis: A warning7

Amy: Yeah, they give you a warning. Don’t do it again. Oh, yeah. It’s a written warning.
And it goes on record that you’ve been warned about this. But they don’t actually give
you a fine.
Curtis: Yeah. He kept track of it for sure.

Phrase Explanations:

  1. Pulled over: Stopped by the police
  2. Tailgating: Driving very closely to the vehicle in front of you
  3. Ghost car: A police car with no lights or markings. Also known as an unmarked car.
  4. Sneaky: Doing something in a secret, unfair or not obvious way
  5. I got lucky: To have good luck unexpectedly
  6. Let you off the hook: When you get caught doing something wrong or illegal and you don’t get punished for it. ‘Let you off’ is the short way of expressing this.
  7. Warning: An official notice that you have been warned not to do something again


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English Conversation about Airport Travelling

Listen to this naturally spoken, unscripted conversation about our experiences travelling in airports. Learn new vocabulary, improve your listening skills using these audio lessons.

Airport Travel

by Real English Conversations | Conversations

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Amy:  Hey, this is Amy from Real English Conversations, and today we’re going to be talking about some of the different experiences we’ve had while traveling through various airports. And for the Real English tips we’re going to give you some ways to talk about different time zones.

Amy:  Hey, guys, this is Amy and Curtis, and today we’re going to do a conversation that one of our listeners actually suggested to us. So who was that?

Curtis:  That was Alfredo. And he’s living in Venezuela.

Amy:  No, he is from Venezuela. Curtis:  Oh, okay. Where’s he living?

Amy:  He’s living in Argentina and working as a pilot.

Curtis:  Oh, that’s a cool job.

Amy:  So what did he ask us to talk about?

Curtis:  Well, because he is a pilot, he asked us to talk about some of our experiences in airports.

Amy:  And specifically doing it in another language.

Curtis:  Yeah. This can be tricky at times.

Amy:  Yeah, so if you guys have been listening to the podcasts for a while, you’re going to know we’ve done quite a bit of traveling. I mean, where have we been? We’ve been to…we went to Hawaii.

Curtis:  Yeah.

Amy:  And we’ve been to California. Curtis:  We’ve been to Costa Rica.

Amy:  Yeah. Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Ecuador. And upcoming we have a trip planned to Ecuador again. And to Colombia. And this next vacation is going to be three months, and I think we might be able to this time when we go to the airports, we might actually have an experience to do the whole process of the customs and like checking in with the customs agent and getting our passports stamped and stuff. I think we might be able to do it completely in Spanish this time.

Curtis:  Yeah. I’m feeling a little more confident, that’s for sure.

Amy:  Yeah. So the last times that we’ve traveled, we’ve really had a fairly limited level of the language.

Curtis:  Yes.

Amy:  You know, because I know when we came back from Ecuador, after we came back, after I had been there for six weeks, I was still just a beginner, looking back now. I thought I was better then than I was, but looking back now I can see I was…I was pretty basic.

Curtis:  And I…I was basic basic. Amy:  You were like a newbie1, like…

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