Airport Travel – Free English Conversations Episode

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In this free English conversations episode, Curtis and Amy talk some of the experiences they have had traveling abroad in airports with staff that do not speak their native language.

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Airport Travel - Free English Conversation

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We like do a lot of traveling to other countries and always have to go to an airport so we wanted to share some of our experiences in this English conversation about travelling.

Airport travel can either be an easy or stressful, depending on your experiences with travelling.  Checking in at the airport to get your boarding passes, checking your luggage are the first steps. If this happens in your native language, it is really easy… But when you need to talk about travelling in English when you are still learning, it can make it a lot harder.

The difficult parts are not knowing the native language when you in an airport in another country. Especially if your flight is delayed or when your luggage doesn’t arrive at the destination after the airplane lands.

A few important things to remember when you are travelling is to make sure you arrive to the airport early and find the airline to give yourself enough time to check-in for your flight.

Make sure you plan what you want to take with you on the airplane before arriving to the airport. That can save you an uncomfortable English conversation with the airport agent if you have to take something out of your suitcase.

We like to look at the departure signs to make sure we go to the correct gate and to make sure our airplane is not delayed. The security screening area needs a bit of time too because there can be large lines of people. It is a good idea to eat before the flight because the food on the airplane is not usually very good and it is really expensive.

Hopefully you can have an English conversation with the person next to you in English to pass the time while you are flying on the airplane to your destination.