English Conversation Airport Travel & Check in

English Conversation: Airport Travel

Listen to this interesting English conversation about travelling though airports that don’t speak your native language. This article includes:

  • Listen to a natural conversation and learn some vocabulary
  • A conversation at the airport between an airline agent and a passenger who is checking in for his flight.


Listen to Part 1 of this English Conversation

Interesting Vocabulary from this Airport Conversation

newbie – Someone who is new and inexperienced at an activity or a job.

  • We have a newbie working with us today. It should be interesting to see what mistakes they make.
  • I feel like a complete newbie at this sport. I hope I learn quickly.


layover – The time in between flight connections.

  • There is a very short layover in Calgary. Hopefully there will be no flight delays otherwise we are going to miss the connection.
  • A 2 hour layover is perfect. You have enough time to go through customs and security plus grab a bite to eat if you’re hungry.


gut instinct – An gut feeling or gut instinct can be used equally. It is an instinct or intuition that helps you to decide what you should do in a certain situation.

  • I have a gut feeling that I’m going to get offered the job.
  • My gut instinct says we should turn left on this road.

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Conversations At The Airport You Might Have

English is the international language of travelling and airports. Employees who work with passengers are even required to speak a minimum level of English in certain airports.

Let’s look at a few of the English conversations you are likely to have when travelling internationally.

  • Checking-in to your flight and getting your boarding pass
  • Security check and baggage screening
  • Asking about airport gates and terminal locations
  • Ordering food at restaurants in the airport or purchasing small items
  • Airport announcements and flight boarding calls
  • Speaking with the flight attendants during the flight

And if your luggage goes missing…

  • Reporting your lost luggage
    • Describing the disappearance
    • Providing address details so the airport can deliver it later

Or if you miss a flight connection…

  • Finding alternative flight options
  • Discussing hotel options if you have to stay overnight


airport check in dialogue

Airport Check-in Conversation Dialogue

In this article, we have created a dialogue for you to study and learn from that can help you while you are communicating in English with the airline agents.


Sample Dialogue:

The flight agent will probably start with a greeting such as hello, good evening, good morning or good afternoon.

Agent: Do you have your passport and boarding pass?

Passenger: Yes, here they are.

Agent: How many bags will you be checking in today?

Passenger: Just this one.

Agent: Okay great. Do you mind putting it on the scare here?

If you do not have any checked luggage, you might say “I don’t have any checked luggage. Just my carry-on bag here”. If your bag looks bigger than the allowed size, they might have to measure it.

Agent: Oh, it looks like your bag is overweight by 1 kilogram. Would you like to take something out to put in your carry-on bag so that we do not have to charge the overweight bag fee?

Passenger: Yes, please. One minute. Let me take out my sweater.

Unzips the suitcase and takes out the sweater. The puts it back on the scale.

Passenger: Okay, is that below weight?

Agent: Yes, the bag is fine now. Let me print off your bag tags.

Agent: Okay, here are your boarding passes and the luggage tracking numbers in case something happens to your luggage. Your flight is departing from Terminal A Gate 37. The flight leaves in 2 hours and the gates can change so I recommend checking the gate number one hour before the boarding time just in case it changes. That’s all for now. Have a good flight!

Passenger: I will, thanks. Have a nice day.

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