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English Conversation about Gardening

Listen to this interesting English conversation about gardening and landscaping. This article includes:


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Interesting Vocabulary from this conversation about Gardening

look forward to – to feel excited about something that will happen in the soon

  • I’m looking forward to my vacation in France


yard – space near a house that can be used for growing flowers, plants or grass. Also to spend time outside or an outdoor space for children to play.

  • We have a huge yard for the kids to play in.
  • He yard is not very big but he can still have a small garden.


edging – a material used in landscaping to create sections.

  • Lisa put edging around the garden so the grass would stay out of the garden.
  • We put edging around the bushes to separate the bushes from the lawn.

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English Conversation about Gardening

A garden is a space outside the house where grass, flowers, trees, and other plants grow, and the definition of gardening is when someone is busy tending and cultivating a garden. 

In this article, we have created a dialogue for you to study and learn from that can help you while you are having a conversation about gardening in English.

Sarah: Hey Joe! I am interested to know more about the topic of gardening. Can you tell me more?

Joe: Hey Sarah! Well, the definition of gardening, in short, is when someone is busy tending and cultivating a garden. 

Sarah: And what is considered a garden?

Joe: A garden is a space outside the house where grass, flowers, trees, and other plants grow.

Sarah: Have you ever done gardening before? 

Joe: Yes, I have many times.

Sarah: Did you like it? 

Joe: I don’t mind doing it, it’s not bad but I definitely do not have green thumbs when it comes to gardening.

Sarah: I will probably have to read more books on gardening! Do you think gardening is relaxing or boring?

Joe: Well, some people find gardening therapeutic and it is definitely good for your health. But if you don’t know how or have time it will be boring!

Sarah: So what do you do when you don’t do gardening then?

Joe: Easy! There are garden services companies that do gardening or landscaping at a fee for the day. 

Sarah: Of course! It is their job after all and they are able to master gardens more easily.

Joe: Yes! Exactly! And the other bonus of making use of garden services is that they already have the tools that one needs to get the job done.

Sarah: That is true! And what do you do when you live in an apartment?

Joe: When you live in an apartment you can go to one of your local garden nurseries. They have flower pots available that are easier to use in apartments.

Sarah: That is great! Thank you for all the info Joe.

Joe: You are welcome Sarah! 

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List of 15 Useful Gardening Tools Names in English

Whether you prefer doing the gardening yourself or getting one of your local garden services to help out, both methods still require gardening tools to use. 

Let’s look at a list of 15 names for gardening tools in English you might find helpful.


  1. Gardening Gloves
  2. Rake
  3. Gardening Fork
  4. Garden Trowel
  5. Boots
  6. Garden Hose
  7. Pruners
  8. Garden Hose
  9. Wheelbarrow
  10. Lawn Mower
  11. Bucket
  12. Fertilizer
  13. Pitchfork
  14. Spade
  15. Watering Can
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