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There are a lot of students who want to lose their accents so that they can sound like native speakers. But when we break this down into what people want to be able to do, it comes down to these three goals:

  • they want to be able to speak more easily without thinking too hard,
  • they want to be clearly understood,
  • they want to understand what other people are saying

And these three goals sound more like “I want to be able to communicate confidently and effectively”, instead of sounding like a native speaker.

In this lesson, Amy and Curtis share some tips on how you can feel more comfortable when you’re speaking English.

Does it feel like your English is improving very slowly?
Or do you feel that you are not making much progress at all?

Navigating this stage of English is complicated! With so many resources, lessons, and advice, it can feel overwhelming to know what to focus on and where to start.

At Real English Conversations, we specialize in helping students just like you to focus on the right things, identify which activities will help you to quickly develop your skills, and give you direct access to a teacher who can help you to practice, answer your questions, and give you the corrections you need.

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