Speak Fluent English Faster

Speak fluent English faster with this great 2-step secret formula and get noticeable results in 2 weeks

Nothing is more exciting that seeing progress in your English skills. It’s motivating and satisfying!

The problem is that usually takes a long time and a lot of work…
Which can make it difficult to maintain your enthusiasm.

Solution: See your progress more often!

In this lesson, Amy will explain her 2-step secret formula to:

  • Identify the skill you should be focusing on right now
  • Create an action plan to see noticeable progress in as little as 2 weeks!

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Speak Fluent English Faster


Amy: Hi, everybody. My name is Amy Whitney, and I’m from realenglishconversations.com.

Today I have a really great podcast coming up for you where I’m going to be talking about how to manage where you focus and which skills you’re working on.

I know that this is something that a lot of us face, because let’s face it, learning a language is not a simple thing. It doesn’t happen very quickly, and at the same time, we feel like we have to work on all of the different skills, reading, writing, speaking, listening, learning grammar, and we don’t really know how to approach this.

So I’m going to share with you a simple two step formula that’s really going to help you to put things into perspective and to help you to come out of that overwhelmed state and really focus on the things that are going to move you forward.

One of the things that I noticed with my students when I ask them how long they’ve been learning English, a lot of people are kind of ashamed to admit that they’ve been learning for a really long time. In most cases, it’s more than five years, and in a lot of cases, it’s more than ten years.

For most of us, we went through some sort of language training system or education in elementary school when we were kids following that traditional way of learning, which, as we know, is not very effective. And later, as adults, we come into this world and we decide, wow, I really need to learn a language. And it’s usually for a specific reason. It might be because you have to use English at your job. Maybe you’re like me and you live abroad.

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