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Learning a language is a long-term commitment and sometimes it feels like we hit a wall and our motivation starts to drop OR something unexpected pops up that stops us from studying as frequently as we would like to.

Taking a break is totally okay and necessary at times but many students do not have a plan to get back on track which can lead to major language loss that will take months to get back and staying motivated to learn English becomes more difficult. In this podcast, Amy & Curtis share some advice and strategies to help you identify different types of breaks and how to get motivated and back on track as soon as possible!

Does it feel like your English is improving very slowly?
Or do you feel that you are not making much progress at all?

Navigating this stage of English is complicated! With so many resources, lessons, and advice, it can feel overwhelming to know what to focus on and where to start.

At Real English Conversations, we specialize in helping students just like you to focus on the right things, identify which activities will help you to quickly develop your skills, and give you direct access to a teacher who can help you to practice, answer your questions, and give you the corrections you need.

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Our expert teachers will create a personalized lesson plan and work with you in one-to-one lessons to quickly develop skills you need to improve the most.

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