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You’ve finally found the website you have been looking for with REAL English conversations that include downloadable PDF transcriptions! We focus on showing intermediate to advanced level students different learning techniques you can use to teach yourself English without a classroom or teacher ūüôā

Becoming a confident, fluent and advanced English speaker does not have to be boring or difficult. The truth is that many of the typical methods to learn English don’t help you to learn the real English that you are going to need for getting a better job or studying internationally, passing your TOEFL test or for traveling. On this website, we give you techniques that¬†are going to help you reach your goals by doing exercises and techniques that help you learn more in less time.

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Real English Conversations

Listen to Real English conversations about many different topics. PDF files with the audio transcriptions are available.

English Speaking Help

Find out why speaking is so much harder than listening in English. We have the activities you need to make speaking easier.

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Why has nobody taught you how to study a English Conversation before?

This is a learning technique that I accidentally found when I was at an intermediate level but I felt overwhelmed by the¬†number of words, grammar, and expressions I still needed to learn. I felt like every time I learned something new… there was more I had to learn.

To make it worse, there were so many resources available online! It was hard to find a good resource that would teach me the real life language that is used every day for the INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED level.

I am a native English speaker but I was studying Spanish on my own.  For about 14 years but I was stuck at a beginner level until I started to study the right things.

Once I discovered this technique of studying real conversations, my level in the language improved from a beginner to a confident advanced speaker quickly, without as much effort.

Curtis and I have created this website based on the most effective techniques I have used and I know work very well.

One of our courses includes the English Conversations PDF Lessons giving you access to the practice exercises and techniques you need to use to take your English to the next level faster.

I’d like to share a secret with you…

All you need right now to improve your English to the next level is a method and resource that focuses on the right English, real English.

By learning and seeing the right words, right verbs and hearing interesting phrases that real people actually use, you are going to feel more confident speaking while advancing your English level quickly.

The fact is, many courses or textbooks teach you vocabulary and expressions that aren’t often used in everyday communication. Why waste your time trying to memorize words that you are never going to use during English conversations? It’s a boring and useless technique that will not help your ability to communicate with¬†real English in the real world.

Imagine being able to see a big improvement in your English comprehension and speaking abilities within a few weeks? We can help you to advance with your English, improve your confidence, understand more and speak easier. The best part is you get to listen to interesting conversations that are enjoyable to listen to.

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I’m just writing to thank you for your amazing podcast. I’m studying to pass the TOEFL exam and it’s really helpful to hear you talking about different topics which are very enjoyable. I love English language, that is one of the main reasons because I decided to become a primary school teacher. I’m thinking about moving to USA in order to improve my English level and discover a new culture, new places and also live new experiences.

Manel Barjacoba


Thanks to Real English Conversations I feel more confident when I need to talk, I have a better flow while speaking and that’s so important to my because my profession demands a good level of English, I’m an professional pilot. Thanks so much to Amy and Curtis for take your time to help people to learn English, you are awesome people, So keep up the good work and thanks for everything.

Alfredo Di Giovanni

Venezuela (living in Argentina)

Here are the English courses we have to help you:

21 Days to Speaking English better

Speaking Course

This course is for intermediate to advanced level students that are having problems speaking the way they want to. Improve your accent, fluency, confidence and spoken vocabulary with these lessons.

English conversation lessons

English Conversation Lessons

Improve your listening skills fast with 34 conversations about different topics. Understand native speakers better and get tips in each lesson to help you learn cool expressions and ways of sounding more like a native speaker.

English conversation lessons

Conversational English Course

This course is perfect for pre-intermediate students or for anyone that wants to learn the best ways to study English conversations on their own. 27 lessons that focus on vocabulary, speaking and listening techniques.

21 Days to Speaking English better

Phrasal Verb Course

Phrasal Verbs can be fun and easy to learn with our lessons. Stop feeling frustrated and confused about phrasal verbs with 250 lessons, 500 examples and 25 phrasal verb stories.

How is this Going to Help your English?


Learn the Right Vocabulary for Conversations

You will quickly be familiar with the everyday vocabulary and expressions that native speakers use in conversation. 


Feel More Confident Speaking

Our course, 21 Days to Better Speaking is perfect for anyone that does not have a practice partner but they need to build confidence speaking, increase vocabulary and be able to talk about any topic.


Comprehend More - Even if Someone is Talking Fast!

You will be familiar with the words that native American English speakers use and how they sound at a natural speed of conversation. This is going to help you understand much more, even if someone is talking fast.


You Will Start Thinking in English

When you are listening to a conversation you understand, you will not be stuck translating each word. You will just start to understand without translating!

Why Can’t I Just Listen to the Audio?

I used to think like this too. The thing is that when you only listen to the audio and you are not trying to use the words and expressions you just learned, you won’t be able to remember them when you are speaking.¬† Each one of our English Conversation PDF’s has practice exercises that test your comprehension, give you a chance to understand new vocabulary, a writing challenge that is related to the topic and a speaking activity to ensure you are confident being able to speak about the topic. Listening to the audio is only going to advance your English a little bit…. but you want to advance fast, right?

It’s Time to Commit to learning English in a Better Way!

We are certain that one of our courses will be what you are looking for. If you can’t decide which one you want, you should consider joining as a Premium Member to get access to all the lessons and courses we have available now and anything we add in the future.

There is a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our courses. If you don’t like what you see, just send us an email and we will happily return your money to you. We only want to charge money for our courses if they are helpful to you!

Thank You for your Support!

Amy & Curtis

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