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  1. sahildarisipudia

    the real english conversations are very useful for the persons who want to improve english

  2. Joyce Sobelman

    Im a teacher and the company I will teach classes to requires conversations about every subject at the intermediate and advanced levels . Can I get these for free?

    • Amy from Real English Conversations

      Hi Joyce. I am happy to hear you have found our website, we do have a lot of topics available that are targeted towards an intermediate to advanced audience. Perhaps you can approach the company you are training about investing our premium membership so that you can use the transcriptions, the practice exercises and audios in the classroom. We also have many tips and techniques that help people study better on their own to continue improving… these are lessons that I can’t give away for free. I hope you understand. Here are the membership options:

  3. R.J.Weerakoon

    Thank you for your commitment for giviing us valuable lessons


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