Real English Expressions

Learn about Common English Expressions

English Expressions Episode 1

  • Give it a shot (or) give it a whirl
  • To be in the same boat
  • I’m all ears

English Expressions Episode 2

  • Speak Your Mind
  • Going Off
  • A Piece of Cake

English Expressions Episode 3

  • To cost an arm & a leg
  • Basket case or nut job
  • To draw a blank

Learn New English Expressions & Idioms

Real English Expressions that are used in everyday conversation are interesting and fun to learn. Although many English expressions and English idioms do not seem to make at first, it becomes really fun to figure out where the expression comes from and what it means. Most importantly, you will understand these English expressions when you hear them in conversations or read them in books.

There are thousands of English Expressions for just about every situation that you can think of, rather than trying to memorize these expressions from a text book, a much better technique is to learn the English idioms & expressions little by little and develop your understanding over time. Taking the opportunity to get a laugh from how bizarre the expressions can be.